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    To create the Mooring Line Deconstruction series Watts found during many explorations, a tow boat mooring line entangled within riverbank tree branches. After retrieving this line, weighing upwards of thirty pounds, it was placed in the sun to dry for several weeks.  It was then carefully brushed, to remove large leaves, mud, and sand debris.  After small pieces of the rope were selected and removed, they were taken into the studio, inked, arranged on a press bed, and printed as a relief print.  In this method of monotype printing each print is unique; there is never, truly, any control of the outcome.  The prints are made in black ink, against white paper, because they are treated as sequential, individual studies.  This allows each rope piece to tell a different story, without the artist's interference with its message.  Then, the story can continue, in the viewer's response to and interpretation of the print.


knowing that you don't know.  22" x 30" Monotype Found refuse, India ink, Liquid acrylic

warning tried. 22" x 30" Monotype, India ink, Liquid acrylic

Mooring Line Deconstruction I  20" x 30" Found Object Monotype Relief Print

Mooring Line Deconstruction II  20" x 30" Found Object Monotype Relief Print

Flowering Bodies  18" x 24" (Photo Transfer and Hand Drawn) Lithography

Fungi World   5"x 7"  Linoleum Block Relief Print

Fungi World II  5" x 7" Linoleum Block Relief Print

River Treasures  24" x 15" Found Ohio River driftwood and glass/ceramic pieces Sculpture

River Cat  21.5" x 17" Intaglio with aquatint and drypoint

River Tortoise  24" x 24" Woodcut Relief Print

Mineral Spirits Study I  22" x 30"   Monotype

Mineral Spirits Study II  22" x 30"  Monotype

Mind to Mind   Monotype, intaglio with aquatint, chine-collé, ink