I am a multidisciplinary artist who is  very interested and dedicated to environmentalism. By employing various techniques, such as relief printmaking, photography, and found object sculpture, my overarching intention is to question and bring awareness to the relationship between the earth and the human race.  Thus, the viewer's introspective questioning and outward exploration of this relationship can ensue by way of my work.

       My most recent work incorporates scavenged Ohio River bank refuse, which is then reclaimed into new work. While there is an innate, accompanied romanticism and beauty associated with these discoveries, there is also a sense of urgency and awakening associated with them. A human response and awareness concerning the realities of our specie's impact on the earth, and the resulting global warming is both vital and necessary. 

     Instead of simply presenting such seemingly impossible realities, the implied Derridean approach to their practically irreducible complexity might be better served by deconstructing these actualities; to attempt to discover the meanings within them. My intention is to accomplish this, while retaining the sources of the conflicted relationship of abiding beauty and irreparable damage.


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